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A Global Adventure with Children

I can honestly say that the best gift that my parents have ever given me was the love of travel and exploration. My parents have truly been very generous with me from the time I was a baby by taking me wherever they traveled across the World be it for work or pleasure. They didn’t mind if the destination wasn’t “traditionally” safe or if the journey was treacherous with a child.

They encouraged me to learn as much as possible about our destination, its people, culture and food. They pushed me to try, to taste, to explore, to conquer my fears and to think outside the box.

Thanks to them I have experience and memories of countries, which have been through different political regimes, wars and peace and some of which don’t even exist anymore. The love of travel at an early age contributed tremendously to my education with a remarkable amount of knowledge and understanding of humanity, geography, history and the environment. To this day, I have no doubt that who I am as a person - a very international and versatile professional – is down to this.

So it is only fair that I wish and try to do the same for my children. For that reason, Little Passports have been a brilliant find in keeping my kids engaged with the world, travels and expeditions even when we are not on the road. Little Passports inspire children to learn about the world.

We’ve started with the Early Explorers range designed for 3-5 year olds. My five year old daughter is already fascinated with what she has received in her first package:

  • A fun orange suitcase

  • Wall-sized world map

  • 20-page activity booklet

  • Luggage tag

  • Stickers and photos

I expect that my daughter’s Little Passports suitcase and the activities surrounding it, will keep her busy for days and days over the next month. And each month, she will get to explore a new theme with brand new

  • 20-page activity booklet

  • Fun souvenirs

  • Flashlight adventures

  • Trading cards

  • Letters, photos, stickers and luggage tags

It’s easy to subscribe for monthly surprising and fun activities for your kids. Little Passports has activities and products designed for different age groups. The possibilities of fun are truly endless. Check it out for yourself:


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