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If you are interested in being a guest writer or blogger in order to bring attention to the individual plight of the below mentioned issues, please read through the selection criteria and contact me.


Please note that featuring your article and photos is at the discretion of the website administrator and it does not guarantee that your writing will generate any qualitative or quantitative support for the issues mentioned. 


Selection Criteria Include but Not Limited to the Following:

  • This is a travel blog. Your article/writing should be related to a particular (remote or non-remote) location

  • The aim of the GET HEARD Project is to act as a platform to bring attention to the plight and particular needs of:

    • Animals

    • Children

    • Women

    • Elderly

    • Communities

    • Environmental issues

  • Given that this is a bilingual blog, English and Turkish are accepted. Moreover, French write ups will also be accepted

  • Perfect grammar and syntax are expected

  • No profanities will be tolerated

  • Please refrain from directly asking for donations and money.


For more information and to send your writing and photos please email and do not forget to provide me with your email address and name (must be your real full name). If your writing is featured on this blog, an About The Author paragraph will also be included. Please note that there will not be a financial or any kind of compensation for your contribution. 

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