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Peru Part V

Date: 23 December 2010

Day: Thursday

Location: Cusco


Where do hummingbirds sleep at night?

After a tiring 4.5 hour long train journey, we reached Cusco last night and settled in our clean hotel. I can’t even remember when we put our head on the pillow but I woke up a few times hearing the sounds that the heavy rain was making by hitting the roof. Even then I had a deep sleep.

I have been having strange dreams. About two nights ago, I dreamt of Simba. She was talking to me but I can’t remember what she said.

Cusco is quite chilly but luckily it was sunny this morning. At the spot where we are on the planet, the UVA rays are much stronger than other places so the sun burns our skin quickly.

We visited the pre-Colombian local history museum this morning. Finally thanks to this museum we could see some Inka and other Peruvian civilisations’ interesting and varied artifacts.

Then, making the most of the sunny weather, we promenaded on the different squares of the city and sat there.

Unfortunately, we could not enjoy as we were interrupted every 3 seconds by someone trying to sell us something. This is the rule of today’s travelling and tourism though. Cusco has no industry other than tourism, so they have no other option to earn their bread.

I guess that after Asia, Peru is the other place where I do not look like the locals at all. They quickly understand that I am a foreigner. In the other places, I hadn’t such an issue.

The main square of the city was being prepared today for the Christmas parade.

Our entire day tomorrow will be on air, travelling to Argentina. We will reach Buenos Aires at night. I wish we could reach there sooner and spend more time.


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