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Garden of England, Kent: Canterbury, Margate, Broadstairs, Sandwich, Turnbridge Wells

Kent, also known as the Garden of England (the Eastern coast of the country), is only 2 hours away from London and provides an easy escape from the city life. The holiday towns also frequented by Charles Dickens, especially Canterbury, which sits the Head of the Church of England, takes the visitors easily back to the 14th century with its Tudor architecture, crooked roofs, walls and Windows, which have survived since the Middle Ages.

Crooked Walls

Tudor Architecture

The coastline in Margate and Broadstairs, which has fantastic yellow sand and white hills, provides an easy escape from the city life towards the sea air for the English; however, for people used to Mediterranean climate, it feels very cold and windy. Due to the coastline’s proximity to France, it is easier to catch French radio stations than English ones.

English Beach with White Rocks

The village of Sandwich, as one can guess from its name, is the first place where a sandwich was made and it is a very small settlement under protection due to having the highest intensity of historical buildings in the country.

No Name Shop on No Name Street

In Kent, which is an area ideal for day or weekend trips from London, it is possible to find dinosaur fossils, giant horse figures carved on the hillsides by prehistoric settlers or easily spend an entire day with little children in the enchanted English gardens, playgrounds or boat trips over the river of Groomsbridge Place in Turnbridge Wells.

Fields of Gold

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