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So we went for our first family trip with our 6 month old baby to Devon. We aimed for a relatively short drive from London, a relaxing, sea-side location and child-friendly accommodation. So we rented a cottage instead of staying in a hotel.

Seaview from Devon Cottage

Shell Cove

Overall, I have to admit that renting a cottage most definitely is the best solution to holiday with a baby. We were in Teignmouth, Shell Cove, which was truly serene with a refreshing sea view.

I cannot say the same for the rest of Devon. Even though it is possible to drive to quaint locations such as Lynton, Lyntonmouth, Dartmouth and Dartmoor, where it is possible to easily see wild Dartmoor horses roaming around, towns like Torquay are too built up and the pier, hotels and casinos by the seaside give the impression of a dull holiday location like Malta.

Wild Horse in Dartmoore

Devon Bay

The number of care homes are also staggering. It appears that the entire pensioner population of the country live in Devon throughout their retirement. So overall, even though Shell Cove in Teignmouth makes for a lovely short retreat, the rest of Devon doesn't live up to the special charm of Cornwall, the Lake District and most definitely the Cotswalds.

Devon High Cliffs
Beautiful Devon Garden
Bunny in the green


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