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The Lake District

I will now take a couple of weeks’ break from sharing snippets of my travel diaries and write about my recent short trips within England.

England is really not about London or the big cities. It truly is about the English country side. The Lake District in Cumbria is a testament to that. Just an hour and half drive away from Manchester, you find yourself in serene and lush green countryside.

The quaint villages are certainly special yet they don’t really compete with the fairyland like Costwalds. However, the trees with an enchanted feeling, the crystal clear waters of the lakes and streams are very special.

The Lake District is the perfect short-trip or long-weekend getaway from the busy city life. However, make sure you do not stay in one of the crowded and tourist trap towns like Windermere or Kendal. It is much more special to stay in a cozy B&B in the countryside with no other human being or car in sight for miles. I would highly recommend the Summer Hill Country House just outside of Ambleside.

April is a lovely time to visit the region as the new lambs have just come into the world and they create the cutest sights.

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