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Lebanon & Syria Part VI

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

We started the day in Aleppo with heavy rain. So our first stop was the Aleppo Museum. The museum's curator Muhammad was our guide. The museum was almost as rich as the one inDamascus. We really learnt a lot about the ancient history of the region. It was very nice.

When the rain stopped and the sun showed itself, we decided to go to the St. Simeon Monastery, which is 45 km. outside the city.

On our way, we passed through the Kurdish villages. There are exactly 365 Kurdish villages in this region.

It is possible to see the Toros Mountain range from the top of the monastery hill.

This region also has a European feel to it. It consists of grey rocks and lots of green. Saint Simeon lived here on top of a 15 m. high column for 42 years under rain, snow and heat. Then a church was constructed around this column. It was historically very interesting and nature-wise a very nice place. There were two blond, green-eyed, gorgeous Kurdish kids (siblings) waiting shyly in front of the church with flowers in their hands.

The girl's name was Fatima and her brother's name was Ahmad. They were really beautiful children.

Then we went back to Aleppo, city consisting of stone buildings. We visited the magnificent AleppoCastle on the very top of the city, built by Salaeddin's son, old city streets and the bazaars.

An Armenian guy called Ayman paid extra attention to me in a store I entered to browse for souvenirs. But then he gave up as soon as he found out that I was married.

[...] Now everything, especially the old streets and bazaars started to all look alike. [...] thinks that I am a nut case, and it is true. [...] Tonight, we will dine in an Armenian restaurant called Sisi.

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