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On the few sunny days you get in England, if you are lucky, there are only a low number of things you can do. You can go to a park. You can organise a barbecue. Or you can make a quick 1 hour train journey to Brighton to get to the seaside.

Brighton is the hip and bohemian town of England. It has its special place in the country. Everyone knows that the craziest parties take place here, that the residents are the most open-minded with regards to lifestyle, fashion, food and sexuality.

Even the architecture is more open-minded with its bright, pastel coloured houses.

As for the beach…Don’t expect anything fancy, especially if you are from a country with sandy, sunny beaches and clear waters. The beach here is pebbly, water is cold and smelly. However, it can still quench your longing for sea air on a nice day.

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