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Can you imagine a place, which is grey, dark, windy and cold in August and still beautiful? Well, I found it and that’s Edinburgh.

There is something about Edinburgh that one cannot easily put one’s finger on. It is striking, mystifying, modern and yet historical. The town is so graceful and picturesque that you easily forget that you are freezing in the gusty and chilly August wind.

It is quite amazing how a country can be so different than the ones it shares its land with: England and Wales. The moment you step in Edinburgh, it is very clear that you are no longer in London or in England for that matter. Buildings, colours, plants, people and even money are different.

The castle situated on top of the stunning green hills overlooking the town is still so dark and medieval that time ceases to become linear as you find yourself back in time.

End of August is actually an ideal time to visit Edinburgh for its festival in the old town. Whilst strolling around the old town, coming across all sorts of artists, musicians and dancers add a supplementary charm.

The Scottish Parliament building is also worth a look. Whilst it reflects none of the medieval elements of Scotland, this eco-friendly and chic building is a good example of modern and fine architecture.

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