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USA East Coast Part I: Washington, D.C.

29.05.2014, Thursday

It’s the first time since my internship here during the summer of 2003 that I am spending so much time in Washington, D.C. As I am 30 weeks pregnant and L. doesn’t do well in long haul flights, we left her in London with her grandma and grandpa. Even though she is in safe hands, my heart is aching. I am constantly thinking and wondering about her. When L.’s favourite song right now, “Happy” comes on the radio, I feel like crying. As soon as the song ends, I can hear her saying “again.” I feel even worse and guiltier when I see her quiet and sad face and chubby cheeks on Skype. Although, it has only been a day since we got here, I want to already go back to my daughter, hug her and squeeze her. I even feel guilty about having uninterrupted long sleep for the first time in 3 years. It feels unnecessary. I don’t want to go anywhere again without my children. I hope that my princess will forgive me. I also hope that she will return to her normal routine soon. Before the new baby arrives, it is very important L. is back to her usual routine. Technology is not helping much either when it comes to work. As I see the work emails and think about all that I have to finish in a short period of time right after we get back home, I get extra stressed. So travelling or being on holiday without my children and without having finished my work doesn't do it for me.

Washington, D.C. has always been one of my favourite cities in the US. I think that it is exactly how a capital should be. Even though in this much organised city, the buildings are replicas of Hellenistic and Roman architecture, they are magnificent; they say “I am here, I am magnificent, I am the capital of a massive country, and decisions are made here.”

Union Station

Capitol Hill

Washington, DC

The Smithsonian Museums, which can be visited for free, have rich collections.

National Museum, Smithsonian

Sidewalks are wide, clean, it is comfortable to stroll on the streets (this is not always possible in other American cities). Nevertheless, there is no liveliness, which is found in European cities. At night time, downtown becomes empty. However, Georgetown has a European liveliness to it.


Georgetown has beautiful homes and streets as well as charming shops, cafes and restaurants.


Without a doubt, Georgetown is one of the towns that are most worth visiting in D.C. and even in the entire country.

Last night, we had dinner at a restaurant called Rosa Mexicano and we really enjoyed it. The guacamole sauce here is the best I ever had. I can say that it is the best Mexican restaurant I have ever been.

After work hours, we met with F.’s high school friend, his wife and 4 year old daughter. Husband and wife work at the Department of Justice. Just like most people working in D.C., instead of living in the city, they live in Virginia. Every day they commute for around 2 hours each way. In the mornings, they bring their daughter with them and drop her off at the nursery. In the evening, they pick her up after work. Another high school friend of F. with whom we met afterwards also lives the same way. I remembered again how hard life is in the US compared to Europe. In the US, people only liv for work. They cannot enjoy life, spend time with their children or go on holidays.

When I saw F.’s friends’ daughter, my heart sank. I miss L. so much.


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