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Argentina Part VI – Buenos Aires

Date: 28 December 2010

Day: Tuesday

Location: Buenos Aires

Scribble: Today, we learnt that Buenos Aires is the world’s 4th noisiest city.

On our last morning in El Calafate, we woke up to a perfect sunny weather and blue sky. It was neither too hot nor too cold. It was perfect. To take advantage of the weather, we took one last stroll in this town full with cute and modest houses and very old model cars (this includes my grandfather’s Renault V). I will miss El Calafate and Patagonia. I don’t think I would ever be able to come back here due to distance and the price but if I had the opportunity, I would love go horse riding on the Patagonian steppes. In fact, after spending time in so many big and crowded cities, it was good and relaxing for us to spend time in this quiet and calm town.

After reaching Buenos Aires in the afternoon, we again found ourselves in a different climate, in the 35 degree heat. We walked around the city for three and half hours, especially around the Recoletta neighborhood (equivalent of Nisantasi in Istanbul), which is close to our hotel Las Americas

Rooftops of Recoletta in Buenos Aires

and the elegant Puerto Madero by the river.

Bridge View in Puerto Madero

Ship by Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero Walkway

No wonder Buenos Aires is called the Paris of the Americas continent. It really is.

Parisian Building in Buenos Aires

In parts, it is cleaner than Paris and in parts, it is dirtier and chaotic.

Streets of Buenos Aires

It is a version of Paris with wider avenues and modern buildings.

Modern Building in Recoletta Neighborhood of Buenos Aires

We had a small break in Recoletta and had empanada in a restaurant called Cumana. Anything you wish can be added in an empanada: meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, cheese etc. It was very tasty and it was a good choice to go somewhere where the locals hang out but I cannot say that the decoration and service were as good as the empanadas.

La Cabana Steakhouse in Puerto Madero

We had our dinner at a restaurant called Happening in Puerto Madero. Tomorrow, we will complete our tour around the entire city and then say goodbye to South America.

Bus queue in Buenos Aires


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