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I had never questioned why the British prefer to holiday and retire in sunny and warm countries. A rat-race life in a country with dull and cold weather takes its toll. However, once I visited Cornwall, I started questioning.

If your country offers you a location which boasts natural beauty, sea, sandy beaches, occasional sunshine and a charming, easy-going life style, would you bother with going to a place where you don’t speak the language and know nothing about the healthcare system.

Cornwall offers all of the above. It is hard to believe that you are still in England if you are lucky enough to catch the sunshine when you are in Cornwall. It is almost like a piece of land from Tuscany.

If I were British, in my old age, I wouldn’t bother moving anywhere else but to Cornwall. I would enjoy the Cornish ice cream, stroll in the sweet small streets of St. Ives and eat in its trendy restaurants by the seaside, and take short and enjoyable drives around the region, villages and the farthest west corner of the country, opening up to the Atlantic.

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